Nobleman Conference

Amount of members:170
Client:Amgen/Pharma, medcine
Geo / Place:Russia, Suzdal, Nikolayevsky Posad, Pushkarskaya Sloboda, Helio Park
Project Collaborators:The organization of a cyclic conference: regional logistics, accommodation, program.
As a destination for the customer's exit cyclic conference, the city of Suzdal was chosen and along with it the concept of holding the event with elements of antiquity was harmoniously created. So, the gala dinner was held in the style of the “Nobility Assembly”, and numerous activities in the open air included folk Russian fun and riding in a sleigh drawn by horses. There was also a visit to the traditional bath complex within the health block, as well as a master class on Dymov ceramics.

MAXIMICE was engaged in the full organization of logistics (arrival of participants from regional offices, transfer to and from Suzdal) and transfer, accommodation of participants, catering and program organizing, as well as professional support of the project.