Quality control


In 2013 the Quality Control Department was established in MAXIMICE.
The tasks of this Department include
  • Implementation and control over compliance with the standards of services for corporate clients
  • Analysis following the results of the arranged events
  • Consideration of complaints in regard to the quality of preparation and implementation of the event
  • Arrangement of awareness-raising workshops for the customers on topical subject-matters
Control over the service standards is the key task of the Department staff members. They monitor correctness of technological processes based on the standards approved in the Company at each stage of work on the project. Where necessary, they provide training of personnel and their following assessment and then control over preparation of the event and transition to its implementation.


The instruments used by the Department include online questionnaire survey following the results of the event taken place (possibility to obtain operative information of different deepness) within the framework of which we study such aspects of preparation and implementation of the project as development of proposals and estimated budgets, work of the Agency staff members at each stage, role of the host party, drawing up and closing of documents, etc.

The Quality Control Department of MAXIMICE pay special attention to complaints. If we receive a client’s complaint our staff members keep in touch with him (her) and inform him (her) at each stage of consideration of the complaint, get in contact with the heads of structural units involved in solution of the problem, gather a working team and at last come back to the client with thoroughly prepared substantiated response.

Examples of subject-matters of awareness-raising workshops for the clients:
    • Recommended directions in the context of the business activity seasons
  • Arrangement of the “last minute” events
  • Non-standard ideas of efficient events
  • Special features of work on the projects with and without support
  • Trends in creative ideas for business events
  • Special features of block booking