We prolong the summer

Client:Customer Banks/Insurance/Consulting
Customer briefing:Organization of an outdoor event for partners
Geography /venue:Yerevan, Armenia
Number of participants:199

“This is the feedback to you on the Yerevan project.

We express our most sincere gratitude to you as an agency for your excellent work on implementing a really COMPLEX AND LARGE-SCALE PROJECT.”

Statistics and numbers:

199 participants – we have never seen so many people attend our event;

The participants arrived from 90 cities
Last year 51 people went to Antalya and won again;
3 participants in the group were pregnant and no one warned us about this. Given that our insurance does not cover this category of travelers, the risks were high;

3 participants did not board the plane to go on the trip on the departure day. 

In terms of scale, funding, the number of participants, and importance, this was the project of the year for us.   

I am pleased with your work as an agency. The work with a large number of people was well organized. There was high-quality branding where necessary. We looked impressive. We have many fine reviews from the participants!

I wish to single out the work of Lika from the Yerevan Company Yasuta. It was her passionate attitude to her work that helped us implement the project at the proper level.