Our history

2006 - Elena Melnikova registered her own M.I.C.E. Company.

Development of a unique service for project support having no parallel among the competitors at that moment.


Implementation of service standards for events.


Implementation of the unified quality standards for suppliers.


The first M.I.C.E. award of the Company in the field of travel events.

  • Creation as a separate company of a structural unit involved in arrangement of private recreation for the personnel of corporate clients – MaxiVOUYAGE
  • Launch of Krapiva Creative Studio (expansion of the creative unit of the Company).
  • Formation of a new type of events – Business Events.

Development and launch of the large project management techniques.

  • Winning of the first award in the field of Event industry.
  • Winning of the first award among the participant from the CIS countries.
  • Creation of the separate Quality Control Department (control of service standards, carrying out of awareness-raising workshops for clients, solving of analytical problems).
  • Implementation of a system for optimization of M.I.C.E. expenses of the client.
  • Winning of the first European award.
  • MAXIMICE becomes a full partner of 27NAMES, a European organization – association of the leading event agencies.
  • Performance as a partner in the nomination of the professional award Russian Business Travel & MICE Award.
  • Signing of an agreement on bilateral cooperation with the Russian State University of Tourism and Services Studies.
  • Creation of the Client’s Web Cabinet.
  • Inclusion of a special commercial unit in the structure of the Company.

Development of a unique product for events in Russia.


MAXIMICE sales 25% of its shares to its partner Vipservice for consolidation of business and resource enhancement.

  • Rebranding of MAXIMICE
  • Studio of Ideas "Krapiva" become more complicated and professional Event & Creative Department
  • Start of the annual Creative Business Sessions for clients
  • Event Certification of AKMR (Association of Directors of Communications and Corporate Media of Russia)
  • The organization of the II annual Creative Session
  • MAXIMICE is included in the rating of the best EVENT agencies of the world according to the Bea World award, becoming the only agency from Russia
  • 1 place in the TOP 20 "Event-management" PPAP-2019
  • The organization of the III annual Creative Session in exit format
  • MAXIMICE joined ICCA
  • MAXIMICE joined NCBR
  • MAXIMICE publishes a manifesto on Agile and transition to H2H