Set Oneself up to Win

Amount of members:250
Geo / Place:Russia, Moscow, Moscow World Trade Center Moscow, Mercury Space, Ice Palace Megasport
Project Collaborators:Organization of the III Motivational conference for employees from 12 regions of Russia.
Annual conference of the sales department of the Laundry & Home Care division "Set oneself up to win".

For the third year in a row, Henkel uses the slogan “Set oneself up to win”. The format of the conferences with this message was introduced during the period of general economy perturbations in the market and was designed to motivate employees to overcome fears, negative information fields, search for new resources and ways of development.

So, it was chosen one of the best Moscow venues with a view of the city among the locations of the event- Mercury Space, symbolically showing that “you can climb to any height, overcome everything”.

This year the main emphasis in the creative concept was made on attracting the Olympic champions to the project, so that by their own example they showed that “the impossible is possible”.

The greatest attention during the conference was paid to enhanced branding and creative motivational videos (representing each division).

One of the wow-elements of the conference was the performance of the Olympic champion Alexei Yagudin, who told about his own way of overcoming and achieving victories and also suggested specific tools.

The gaming trainings were conducted within the framework of the event. Two evening programs were organized.

Particular emphasis was made on the program development for the 1st day: the participants were invited to the Ice Palace Megasport, where the champions of figure skating showed their programs Alexei Yagudin, Tatyana Totmianina, Maxim Marinin, Maria Petrova and Alexey Tikhonov. These athletes demonstrated their victorious programs and set people up for new achievements.

The significant site Mercury Space was used for a gala dinner during 2 days in Moscow City - the symbolism of “conquest of peaks”. At the evening, music band “BandEros” showed its performance. The popular shooting of Maniken Challenger was organized.