Love & Rock Festival

Amount of members:300
Geo / Place:SKYRIVER, Moscow Region, Russia
Project Collaborators:Organize a festive event, to mark Builder’s Day. Game format required.
The Love & Rock Festival was a corporate event dedicated to the client’s professional day, Builder’s Day. The event was a kaleidoscope of amusement, where different teams worked together to transform the site into the Love & Rock Festival.
MAXIMICE was responsible for the organization of the event. In all, there were 7 areas of activity, and 7 teams, where all participants could express themselves somehow by joining one team or another. On the day of the event, every team was busy with its tasks. The “Performers” prepared for their performances, the “Artists” worked on their art-space, the “Fans” formed a unique flash mob in support of the performers, the “Art People” ensured a creative atmosphere, the “Chefs” barbecued, the “Stylists” created accessories for the occasion, and the “Musicians” took care of the sound and music. In the end, after everyone’s combined efforts, the Love & Rock Festival was born. The whole staff participated in the process, and in doing so experienced the festival in full.