Beauty in Perfection

Amount of members:150
Client:Innotech Russia/Pharma, medcine
Geo / Place:Russia, Moscow Region/Imperial
Project Collaborators:Organization of an exit cyclic conference for employees from different cities (integrating activities).
The multi-day event should be dynamic and involving - following this principle, MAXIMICE company with great professional interest undertook the organization of the cyclic conference.

150 employees of the client from 42 Russian cities became participants of the large-scale event. To hold the five-day conference actively, the program of each day was planned with business and entertainment parts: for example, on the first day after the business forum, a karaoke evening was held, and the second day was completed with a unique intellectual game, prepared with peculiarities of professional activity of InnotechRussia employees and their company's products.

A gala dinner was the culmination of the event, at which there was held a solemn ceremony of awarding, a performance of a cover band, a laser show and a disco. Thanks to careful preparation of a spacious hall equipped with all necessary equipment, leisure of the guests was not only fascinating, but also as comfortable and safe as possible.