Kiteboarding on distant islands

Customer briefing:Organization of an active and interesting incentive, choice of a new direction
Geography/venue:Cape Verde
Number of participants:12

Snow-white beaches, the magic of the ocean, and the home of the fine Cesaria Evora were the assets that determined the choice of Cape Verde for the incentive. Notably, this trip includes not only seeing the islands but visiting Portugal as well, with captivating excursions, tasty national meals, and exciting urban quests.     

The participants got on the kiteboards in the school of world champion Mitu Monteiro, had a ride on quad-bikes, tasted lobster in all possible variations (even as a dessert), waded into the ocean, and had a great time at a local evening party. In short, the incentive worked out fine!

We, at MAXIMICE, are glad to finally come home from far-off countries.