Test of Team Spirit Strength

Amount of members:94
Awards:The project was nominated for the Golden puzzle in the category of Best Abroad Event
Category:conference, incentive, teambuilding
Geo / Place:Georgia, Tbilisi and surroundings
Project Collaborators:Organization of abroad event in Georgia - Conference plus teambuilding activities.
Сlient:Amgen/Pharma, medicine
MAXIMICE implemented a full range of services on the organization of a summer cycle conference of the customer: logistics and transfers, selection and reservation of sites, excursion programs, development of activities, professional project support.

We have prepared an intensive teambuilding-component within the framework of an extended outdoor event with the serious business component. The program was built on the basic characteristics, which were famous for this area: the hospitality, wine and food, which allowed participants to immerse themselves in colorful culture and get to know some of the traditions of this amazing country.

There were offered various master classes: culinary (cooking of churchkhelas, barbecue, hinkali, baking of bread), on the art of wine-making. Participants were trained for elements of national dances. There was a full immersion in the culture against the background of intensive teambuilding processes.

A presenter-toast master included key corporate values in beautiful toasts (the importance of teamwork, friendship, and the like), to the accompaniment of folk music ensemble.

We made photos and video for a memorable album and video clip. Sports activities were offered in breaks between themed tasks.

The event program was supersaturated - every 20 minutes animators changed interactive areas for participants.

The day ended with a dinner of traditional dishes, tasting of several wines and unique Georgian polyphony.