Hilti Russia Opens Talents

Amount of members:700
Awards:III place Golden puzzle in the category “The Best Mass Event”
Category:conference, kick off conference
Geo / Place:Russia, Kazan
Project Collaborators:Organization of an international conference for the staff in order to summarize and discuss strategic management; introduction of creative teambuilding elements into the program in order to unite the participants, arriving from different countries (where the company operates).
Сlient:Hilti / Construction
The following was expected from us:

- A clear logistics of participants’ movement in the business sessions

- The development of creative outdoor program

- The creation of a quality memorable movie about the event

- Bright emotions and unforgettable impressions

MAXIMICE agency could meet all the expectations of the Hilti company by organizing its annual conference that was confirmed by the “certificate of outstanding partnership” and such features as, for example, "one of the best Kick Off Hilti in the world" and "inexpressible emotions."

As part of a creative block, we proposed format of an International Talent Show, where the senior management and colleagues could look at each other on the other hand, learn new abilities - psychologists have proven that well-oriented abilities can benefit within the framework of professional problem- solving. It was attended by over 50 people from different countries.

A video production has been carried out for the event: head ornaments, opening the speeches of the participants, video clips with the competitors. It was planned and conducted many master classes and even table games tournaments within the program.


1st day –a meeting of senior executives

2nd day- the meeting of senior executives

3rd day- rehearsal of Talent Show; work sessions

4th day - Talent Show; Gala Dinner

Another key feature of the project was its magnitude: a large group of participants (700 people from different cities and countries), change and use of multiple locations simultaneously (hotels, restaurants, conference sites).