Equifax Leadership Race

Amount of members:150
Awards:I place Golden puzzle, the Best Corporate Event with budget to USD 20 000
Category:Birthday of the Company
Client:Equifax/Banks, Insurance
Geo / Place:Russia, Moscow/Central Moscow Hippodrome
Project Collaborators:Organization of the event, timed to the Day of birth of the company; creation of an information occasion for specialized publications; the development of creative concept and selection of exciting activities, shows.
MAXIMICE proposed the following approach to the formation of the creative concept: horse racing is not only a thrilling spectacle, but also a true social event. Since the days of ancient Greece, this kind of entertainment made a real sensation, and gathered a crowd of loyal fans. Beautiful stallions, crazy speed, incredible passion, as well as gallant jockeys and "show of hats" – such things are of interest today, and can serve as newsworthy information. And certainly, you cannot so often be invited to birthday at the horseraces!


Starting from the welcome-area the guests were offered to become active participants in the program. The following entertainments are waited for them: studio with dress bar, a master class in jam making, tea ceremony, hat making, familiarity with the art of torcedor.

The main part of the celebration was opened with welcoming remarks from the management and video, telling the story of the company. The program followed by the parade of riders and three races.

During the race, each guest could place its bet on sweepstake, and between races presenter held light interactive games with the guests.

Award ceremony for winners of the betting and lottery was held after the final race. Then the performance of a musical band and a disco were held.

The effectiveness of the project: a competent work on distribution of the budget was carried out, which allowed not only to hold races and sweepstake, but also included interactive areas in the program, which had a great success within the audience.

Feature: MAXIMICE company proposed a new tactic of holding birthdays of organizations, where the emphasis was not made on " heaping paeans of praise " on the activities of the birthday company (without direct advertising, creating newsworthy), but on the active involvement of guests in action. This is the best motivation to increase audience loyalty.