Tree of Life

Amount of members:280
Awards:I place Golden puzzle, the Best MICE-event; I place Global Event Awards, the Best MICE-event; the project has also been nominated for the European Best Event Awards.
Category:conference, incentive
Client:Johnson&Johnson/Pharma, medicine
Geo / Place:Singapore
Project Collaborators:Full organization of abroad event; selection of new unusual and exquisite destinations (sophisticated audience, often traveled abroad); preparation of large-scale creative concept, capable of uniting the strategic objectives of the company for the next year and the selected country/city.
The expectations from the event:

- A new conference format, unique performances that can enhance the experience of the product, increase the level of knowledge about it

MAXIMICE company has offered the following solution (a creative concept of the event):

What are the similarities between Johnson & Johnson and Singapore? These are striking examples of the harmonious combination of natural forces and high-tech excellence. Perhaps, they were able to achieve this unity, continuing the idea of "Avatar" by James Cameron, where the best representatives of the human race created a new wonderful world - the ideal of nature and comfort. The one to which the employees and partners of Johnson & Johnson company aspired and put into life every year.

MAXIMICE held a conference of Johnson & Johnson in the first city where nature and civilization are merged, forming a new reality and a different quality of public space. And in this world of the future Johnson & Johnson company is like a grand tree from the Pandora planet: the branches nourish the world and give it the opportunity to become better and better.

Features of the project:

- Extensive use of modern technologies during the conference part: Kinect, video filling, 3D-mapping, editing of 3D videos with key speakers;

- Participation of artists from different countries in the show-program: Singapore, Russia, China, Germany, Netherlands.