Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – this thing makes business to go ahead. In addition to the main objective, i.e. receipt of maximum profit, the managers of large corporations and agencies together with us make this world better!

We put the best CSR ideas into life!

MAXIMICE frequently arranges different charity events on request of its clients. We develop concepts of the projects, carry out preparations to them and following implementation. As a rule, all of them are related to children.

We arranged an interactive event for children suffering diabetes. The manufacturer of the medicinal products wanted to demonstrate to the children that such malady does not prevent them from living a full life. It is just important to observe certain rules. Our task was to prepare a program interesting for children of different ages and include in it not only entertainment, but also educational component. Thus, in 2012 we arranged an event for children suffering diabetes. 130 children of the age from 5 to 12 years from various regions of the country took participation in the event. The project turned to be successful (in the context of fulfilment of the assigned tasks) and even was highly praised by the professional community.

Cooperation with PwC

We cooperate with PwC for several years implementing their concept of social responsibility in arrangement of perfect holidays for children. A spectacular performance for children from the orphan asylums based on The Kingdom of the False Mirrors fairy tale became the best remembered event (450 kids, 4-18 years old). We carried out this holiday together within the territory of Krylatskoe Ice Stadium. Many staff members of the customer took participation in that event as volunteers.

How do we implement CSR ideas in our business?

Working on such projects is no less critical for our staff members then on other projects. More than that, we are sure that emotional involvement and sharing of the idea are necessary for efficient implementation of social programs. MAXIMICE has its own charity programs.

For more than one year we have been overseeing Moscow boarding school No. 108. It is remarkable that not only the Company as an entity gives support, but our staff member also make their contribution. They collect things, books, and educational toys for children. Besides that, we took senior pupils for an excursion to the Planetarium, and young pupils – to the Entertaining Sciences Museum. And more recently, for less than a year, in the MAXIMICE' office (while among the staff) is organized collecting things and gifts for the shares of the project "Old age for joy."

We build socially responsible business and help other companies to do it.
Join us – We can do more together!