Fellowship Scarlett

Amount of members:90
Category:conference, incentive
Geo / Place:Iceland
Project Collaborators:Organization of abroad event with the creative concept and the selection of interesting directions.

"And went a powerful SCARLETT fellowship on the call of elves, in order to save the brightest children of the world from the evil trolls ..."

Here is not a line from the epic Tolkien, but a part of the story of an unforgettable trip of SCARLETT company to Iceland, where every particle of earth is permeated with the amazing stories and incredible legends.

In the lobby of the Hotel, a man "in-black" waited for the trip participants. He put the rings with fellowship engraving on the necks of the guests arrived, gave them licorice liqueur and told about the sad fate of the elves. Throughout the trip brave SCARLETT fellowship committed many "great campaigns" and won a resounding victory over the trolls. At the conference, the brothers, dressed in raincoats, told about their future plans among flaming candles, and then went to the Blue Lagoon, where they rejuvenated their bodies before a difficult campaign. Going on big iron horses on a journey to the Golden Ring of Iceland, the participants met a lot of obstacles on their way: the raging waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, green slopes, volcanoes ... They continued trip on the South Coast, where among black sand there was a meeting with the world of elves, which ended with a spectacular gala dinner.

... Personally, I would like to say thanks to entire "MAXIMICE" team, due to the coordinated work of which, the event was organized and held at the proper level.

The proposed direction and concept, as well as the implementation of the project, made the event exciting and complete. "MAXIMICE" company found the right approach to the harsh northern country - Iceland and helped us and our partners to discover this amazing country as fully as possible.

Throughout the project, the representatives of "MAXIMICE" company demonstrated professionalism and promptly responded to requests, allowing to solve all the difficulties and failures during the project in a constructive operating mode.

This partner conference allowed SCARLETT company to overcame another milestone, and to set for itself a new high hurdle for holding future conferences on a higher level.