Great Holiday in the City

Amount of members:1000
Category:Family Day
Geo / Place:Russia, Moscow, Luzhniki
Project Collaborators:Organization of holiday for employees and their families with activities meant for different age audiences; performance of artists.
MAXIMICE company made this holiday for employees and their families of its client in the Luzhniki sports complex. A whole day of fun for adults and children with games and treats for every taste. We struck out a lot of new ideas! Sports activities, the characters of popular fairy tales, performances of favorite artists and, of course, fireworks.

Format of a Family Day is considered one of the most important events in the company's corporate culture. It is always awaited by the staff, and is in line with the birthday of the company and the corporate New Year. Motivational favor of family corporate events cannot be overestimated. One of the varieties of this event is a Health Day, also organized by companies for their employees and their relatives (in this case, the event is organized outside the city and includes more sports activities).

According to the results of the passed event for our company on the Prestigious Alley at Luzhniki, we have received many letters of thanks from the staff.

In turn, we would like to express our gratitude for organizing such a complex event. We thank you for the concert program, fireworks, performance of the musical band "Visitors from the future."

Also we would like to acknowledge the work of entertainers onstage, even when the rain suddenly arose after the speech of Mr. Jennings, they managed not to lose the public's attention and to hold the event successfully.

You made major efforts, all the staff showed themselves as true professionals.

Once again I would like to note that we are grateful for this experience, for the professional approach and optimism in the preparation of such a complex event for our company and for compliance with our high standards of service!