ACUVUE Oasys, conference

Category:conference , presentation
Client:Johnson & Johnson/Pharma, medicine
Geo / Place:Russian Federation, Moscow, Hilton Garden Inn, New Riga
Project Collaborators:Organization of innovative product presentations for all employees of a regional network with a clear demonstration of the unique features of the product.
MAXIMICE developed and organized a series of events (Launches) on presentation of a new innovative product - ACUVUE Oasys contact lenses, contained tear film in their base instead of water. The consumer audiences of the product are the people who spend much time at the computer and actively use a variety of gadgets and thus can often feel eye tiredness and dryness. The uniqueness of the development that is now the eye does not perceive the lens as a foreign body, the number of hours of comfortable use of the product has been also increased.

And in order to provide the staff of sales departments with the opportunity to become fully acquainted with all the advantages of the product for further promotion among the target audience, our company has developed an adventure, showing each of the unique features of ACUVUE Oasys lenses. So, the work with kinetic s and imitated the properties of thiafil silicone, of which the lens are made; master class of drawing on the water imitated the process of moistening, etc.

It was organized ultramodern Digital Lab under this project: participants tested the VR-glasses, interactive mirror, event-motion, i-table and other super innovations.

Special Guest Speaker of the conference was Pavel Lomakin, editor of the scientific section of GQ magazine, with a history of gadgets. The event was ended with gala dinner.