ACUVUE, Eye Health Advisor

Amount of members:1 202 off-line participants, 1 383 on-line participants
Awards:II place Golden puzzle in the category the Best Business Event; also participated in the competition European Best Event Awards
Category:conference, symposium
Geo / Place:Russia, Moscow , Congress park, Radisson Royal Hotel
Project Collaborators:Organization of the X International Scientific Symposium (international status and the jubilee year, accounting for limitations and peculiarities of the Russian legislation concerning the inducement of medical workers).
Сlient:Johnson&Johnson/Pharma, medicine
MAXIMICE helped to conduct a large-scale educational event for ophthalmologists from all over Russia, at which many professional international speakers gave speech in the field of vision correction.

The extensive branding added the special atmosphere of the event. This branding was dedicated to the professional activities of the participants and described the main trends in the field of ophthalmology: volume banners, information columns, flags, laser projection and touch-screen panels.

The participants could see millions of happy eyes of their patients in the mirror maze, and Olympic champion Alexei Yagudin, telling about the importance of vision for any athlete, was welcomed with extraordinary warmth and joy.

Video projection with filling to 180 degrees, evening program stylized as an intellectual game with Maxim Potashev and 1 200 direct participants, a tremendous development in the shortest possible time - we are proud of this project!


  • Preparation for 1 month (last year it was 3 months) + a limited number of hours for assembly works (another event was carried out at the site the day before).

  • A large number of staff was involved in the project (92 technicians, 54 coordinators)

  • The task aimed at making a bright and interesting event, it was a jubilee symposium, but we had to act strictly under the law and not to offer “just entertainment”. An effective solution consisted in the introduction of a large number of advanced video effects and animation into the project, as well as the organization of the intellectual quiz with the famous Master of "What? Where? When?" game Maxim Potashev as part of the evening program. Questions have been specifically prepared and dedicated to topics of the symposium!

  • A dedicated website has been developed for the project.

  • Olympic champion Alexei Yagudin appeared as a guest star-speaker.

  • Organization of a special on-line broadcast in the CIS countries.

The main idea of the event lied in the fact that for 10 years AEHA conferences made an enormous contribution to the development of the contact vision correction in Russia, being one of the leading research and educational activities in this field.

Brief statistics:

  • Number of participants: 1202 (2015: 1130)

  • Participant of online translation: 1383 (2015: 845)

  • According to the results of event evaluation made by the participants, the highest score increased to 96% against 93% last year; all speakers also received high scores from the audience (average score was only 6%, without the lowest scores).