Be in Russia!

On April 20 Elena Melnikova, General Director and founder of MAXIMICE, took part in the business program of the regular workshop BE IN RUSSIA as a guest moderator for one of the discussions.

Elena shared some statistics of MAXIMICE on preferences of internal directions among corporate customers, and expressed her own assumptions of choice of one or another city.

“First and foremost, this is the problem of awareness of one or another region. Therefore, holding communication events like BE IN RUSSIA is very important for the development of the internal MICE & EVENT market”, she emphasized.

Then the discussion took place, under which the representatives of the customers – the major brands: SHELL Irina Boeva, MICHELIN Nadezhda Ermakova, GSK CONSUMER HEALTHCARE Anna Kuznetsova, SKB Kontur Svetlana Bushueva – told about the reasons for holding few events in the regions or choosing the same venues without any risks.

So, for some people, the main criterion is hotel room capacity and, indeed, few destinations can offer venues for the group of 500+ guests. For others, the stability of the service level is important, for the third ones, the key obstacle is the instability of contractual relations, which can be easily violated because of “friendly and family relations”. And, yes, of course, everyone has poor knowledge about the direction, which, in turn, generates a lot of doubts and conjectures. Nevertheless, interest in the discovery of a new one is great!

So let's meet more often, get to know each other better!

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