MAXIMICE proclamation


In a changing world, we actively monitor trends, sometimes creating them ourselves, and continue to develop.

At MAXIMICE, we have included an Agile approach in our system. Proven to be effective in the IT and programming fields, it is applicable to the success of other, diverse business types. The secret is that this is a vision, a kind of philosophy, that is, a system that allows lasting of the development process indefinitely, and continues to improve. This has been common to us before.

What do we take from there now? Of course, the aspirations for speed and flexibility in decision making and the implementation of specific actions. This is an effective method of organizing work in small working groups - just those that are formed to work on each individual project.

Certainly, agility gives us even more focus on the professional needs and business goals of our customers.

Our service company is always a personal contact, the need to delve into the essence of the problems of a particular customer and the obligatory search for individual solutions for him (despite the commonality of methods and tools). Therefore, the restructuring from the B2B format to the H2H format is natural, organic, and logical for us. So we become closer to you: we better understand the tasks, and self-determine their solutions.

We are getting closer and more understandable. We conduct a dialogue, and take into account individual characteristics. We have individual characteristics - our talents, our worldviews. We are not a “machine”, we are people working for and with people. Your business, your products and services are also for people. The “view of a particular consumer” is important for us.

Service is not just a function - in the field of organizing events that are aimed at a specific target audience, the factor of partnership is extremely important. This is a joint work on the event of the customer representative and the agency representative. Human to Human. This is the new development vector of MAXIMICE.

We get involved in your projects; look at them not only in terms of experience, but also in terms of feelings - responsibility, empathy for success, emotions - the joys of achievement.

And we, MAXIMICE employees, invite you, our customers and partners, to join, to become part of this. Open new boundaries of communication and increase the overall effectiveness of all interactions.


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