Corporate New Year

We finally decided to please you with the photos from MAXIMICE corporate New Year! Yes, the eventors also celebrate the New Year with their colleagues, with the presenter, contests, music and entertainment performances, at a fashionable loft and with obligatory honoring each other's services at year-end. We also like it very much: we prepare ourselves beforehand, dress up beautifully, sincerely rejoice at each other's achievements and have a tremendous time.

It was, of course, difficult to choose the date for the MAXIMICE corporate party – we just want to be proud of the numbers of the holidays held for customers, mention the original concepts developed and implemented by our Event & Creative Department especially for the season. But we will not, because after all, we talk about our own event.

Traditionally, a corporate holiday in MAXIMICE is organized by the administrative division headed by its manager with active participation of the HR Director in the last few years, however, when celebrating the 10th anniversary of the company in 2016, it was expected that in the future the New Year parties will be organized by different departments – by means of the lottery game. The meeting of 2018 fell on the Visa Department and, frankly speaking, the results exceeded all expectations of colleagues from the holiday! Everything was thought out, interesting and of high quality. And, we must confess, that most of all we were delighted with the photo session with the future year symbols – look, it was so cute and admiring!

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