Getting acquainted with sites again!


This summer, we visited MARRIOTT in the remarkable, sun-kissed city of Voronezh.

If this trip is to be defined by a single word, it should be “discovery.”

MARRIOTT is a well-known commercial net with an excellent reputation and our long-standing business partner. It was pleasant to get acquainted with yet another site. Established in Voronezh in 2017, it immediately became the city’s embellishment. It has comfortable rooms with a fascinating view from the windows and excellent conference facilities – an entire floor for receiving groups in different formats: 12 conference halls with floor area totaling 1,824 sq meters. The offered amenities vary from VIP rooms to spacious halls for every taste.

The reception is worth a special mention! The welcome and care during our stay were absolutely remarkable. The cuisine was delightful! “The sensation of taste” is unforgettable! The serving, the service, everything was top class!

Voronezh, why haven’t we known each other before to the extent you well deserve? And you deserve it very much indeed! The city is clean and cozy, and it greeted us with warm and sunny weather, while back in the capital it poured with rain. The abundance of greenery and flowers, architecture, quirky monuments (White Bim, the Kitten from Lizyukov Street, the Good Chair, and many more), model agricultural farms, and natural reserves with chalk mounds gladden the eyes.

The city itself is enchanting. What makes you love it? We love it for the smiling passers-by, the cafes’ signboards, and lots of other nice little things. In short, as you see “made with love” and city quest are a must!

Our thanks to the MARRIOTT VORONEZH hotel and the “Tourism Federation” group of companies.


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