The Taste of Scandinavia

Recently, we held a MICE-related business intensive and incredibly gastronomically pleasant evening, dedicated to the countries of Scandinavia, with our partners First United.

Definitely, we talked about the countries as visiting directions: we discussed and tasted the cuisine, refreshed memory about the well-known cultural codes (especially those that were very close to us since the childhood such as the Little Mermaid and Karlsson), talked about the types of events and other key moments. But the other thing was even more interesting – an approach to the organization of events for the Scandinavians.

At the forefront: the understanding of the value of customer’s time and the need for return on investment, so, apart from, of course, an individual approach, we place an emphasis on the criteria of a specially developed concept – "Meetovation". It was curious to hear the details and compare them with our realities whether used or not. So, one of the components is the selection of the wholesome food to activate the cerebration: juices, vegetables, berries, nuts. Such food is useful, and gives more energy than the standard, albeit delicious, assortment of coffee breaks. And we have seen the introduction of such cooks' creations when visiting our partners at Marriott in St. Petersburg. Another component – the creativity of the environment itself – has also been encountered for a long time and quite often in the preparation and organization of domestic events (which is the boom of non-standard venues for business events in the last few years). There is a justification, of course, not only in fashion, but also in scientific research, indicating that a special environment contributes to the development of fresh creative solutions.

“ECO-Responsibility” means “green solutions”: a meaningful choice of transport, nutrition, program activities, and so on. Here, perhaps, the distance is felt most. In Scandinavia, in general, Sweden is ranked first in sustainable development – the country is actively engaged in waste sorting out and processing, special state quotas are introduced for the support of business activities in the sphere of clothes, shoes and household appliances repairing. That is, the residents are offered to make a conscious choice in the favor of repairing. Also, the "green" business is flourishing throughout Scandinavia – restaurants cook food from environmentally safe products, the remnants of food are processed, and electricity is generated from them. There is a huge number of interesting training programs, including serious ones, with visits to production sites, eco farms, etc., and entertaining ones – a tour of high-speed RIB[1] boats near windmills in the Gulf of Oresund with panoramic views on Copenhagen and Malmo.

[1] RIB- rigid inflatable boat

The next Meetovation component is the close approach to the traditions, culture and understanding of everyday life of the country you are located in. The uniqueness lies in the fact that First United helps to collect the data on the interesting aspects, that this sphere can have for the group in a professional way.

And the most important moment is the involvement of all participants – “every opinion is important”, what gives the maximum productivity. Partners consider, that it is a good event, if the guests are truly involved in the processes, rather than they participate as listeners only. The event should have value for them, as well as clear meanings.

Thanks to the First United inbound tour operator, Carlsberg partners, LEGO, Nordic Choice Hotels hotel chain, as well as MOS Gastronomic Smart & Casual restaurant for the event.

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