An open love confession letter


We confess our love to our suppliers. We appreciate their loyalty, devotion, truly unlimited capabilities, and our top-notch joint projects!

The situation with corporate events is at the moment action-packed, and this is great. It means that all of us have a job to do! However, it’s also clear how the agencies are faring in terms of market sales and finance. Therefore we are grateful for the superior job done by our partners and contractors. We appreciate their readiness to accept the terms of post-payment that have become standard. We got through together before, and we’ll certainly manage it now, business of all parties will continue to grow ̶ more difficult conditions require more time and effort.

Truth to tell, we didn’t expect such a number of events. This fortifies our pride in being so trusted by our customers who rely on us to tackle their business tasks through our event marketing tools.  

The strength of MAXIMICE is in its resources: a team of professionals, proven and loyal suppliers, and dependable strategic partners.

Follow the reports from summer events on the pages of our social networks and remember that we are prepared to discuss complex situations


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