Meeting with 27Names. Experience of Google

The regular ordinary meeting of shareholders of 27Names was held in Sweden, where MAXIMICE has been included on an equal footing since 2014.

Traditionally, the participants shared new cases and discussed the most topical problems of the industry. Among the latter, is the problem of borrowed ideas (partial or full) of tender bid for self-implementation by customers or a problem of transfer of this “creative property” to another agency that has unfortunately emerged in all countries. Colleagues shared their experience, how to protect themselves, forecasting such opportunities, analyzed the cost minimization - it is a gratifying feeling that there are cases with a positive outcome! Fortunately, although the cases of such uses of creative concepts exist, but they are not so frequent: we all work in a civilized market, with the predominance of the value of ethical aspects, and, of course, with the understanding that quality and efficiency are the appanage of professionals other than plagiarists.

Another topic of the debate was crisis management in the implementation of activities. “Extreme” and force majeure situations were considered. The Spanish partners shared the measures they are taking to "be ready for whatever comes”.

It should be noted that this time the host party, it was the Utsikt agency, non-standardly looked at the matter of the choice of locations: the conference was held in the museums of alcohol, SPRITMUSEUM, and they got there in an unusual way. It all began with a classic sightseeing tour of Stockholm, but on the embankment the bus suddenly took run and turned out to be in the water, being an "amphibian", and the sightseeing continued from the river - the effect of surprise was terrific, after all, the participants came off unscathed, in the literal sense.

By the way, the office of the Swedish partners is a very curious sight. If to be absolutely exact, now colleagues finish repair and move to a new premise, and the former office is turned into an event store of "artifacts" – well, it is a real hangar and therefore there are good opportunities to do so.

The key event of the meeting was the workshop of the current client (immediately in several countries) – the Google company. The format was a brainstorm with a breakdown into groups and creative development of the launch of a new service. Needless to say, this was a unique experience of the creative interaction of 27Names shareholders.

The other issues were discussed among the partners during the conference, such as the features of the client service in different countries, the experience and effectiveness of the use of trend setters and corporate influencers for projects, the need for additional working meetings related to the line of the new business. As part of the demonstration of new cases, MAXIMICE announced a confident entrance to the B2C segment, introducing the development of rebranding and launching new sites for the leading Russian distributor of beauty products, as well as for the famous jewelry brand.

After the protection of presentations and cases by results of voting, 2 new members were included into 27Names - Enited Business Events and Purity.


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