MAXIMICE and 27NAMES Begin an International Campaign in Support of the Open Exchange of Information in Europe

MAXIMICE and 27Names have begun the “Rules of Play” international campaign, promoting open communication and close cooperation throughout Europe. The central element of the campaign is a short film about 27 delegates gathered in the heart of Europe. Where does the interest lie? All of the delegates are children. They gather together to make a new agreement: “We are open to all: experiment, listen, play fairly, and have fun”.

It is sometimes difficult for us to understand one another, because we speak different languages, literally and figuratively. We all know how much discord there is in the world, but we all understand the language of play. Life becomes much simpler and richer if we all play by the same rules. We at MAXIMICE are sure of it.

The start of the “Rules of Play” campaign is timed to coincide with the 10-year anniversary of 27Names, the European live communication agency. Anyone who wishes can sign the “Rules of Play” at the initiative’s site and share the news.

“In life, we constantly face a variety of problems, in our work, and in our private lives. Solving them playfully, as we did in childhood, would be much simpler. In play, the ability to communicate always wins out, doesn’t it?” said Elena Melnikova, founder and general director of MAXIMICE, exclusive representative of 27Names in Russia, “Any event, even the most serious, is in the end something like a game, in pursuit of certain goals. It is much easier to reach those goals together, making connections, taking joy in communication, and creating live communication. That is, to do what comes so easily to children. We are ready to help our clients in this. It’s the basis of our business, after all. Let’s create ‘live’ communication together!”

Wouter Boits, chairman of the 27Names board, said of the origin of the campaign: “The 27Names names organization was founded 10 years ago, in order to spread powerful marketing and communication tools, such as live events and direct communication with a brand, throughout Europe. Today we are the leaders of a network which brings together the best agencies in our sphere from all over Europe. That is worthy cause for celebration.”

“But, there is a lot left to be done. Today, Europe looks nothing like it did 10 years ago. Any daily news report clearly shows that our community faces big problems with communication and cooperation. We believe it is better and more fun to play together, than to stand alone on the sidelines. With the help of this campaign, we clearly show everyone that 27Names stands for full European unity. We feel that live communication will play a big role in Europeans’ joint achievements, if we all work together. In live communication, there is no place for deception,” said Boits, describing the goal and underlying purpose of the “Rules of Play” campaign.
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