WOW service


How do you know you are doing your job well? It’s very simple! For us, this means the customer’s happy! The estimate “well done” has long been insufficient for this. The highest estimate of our job is the WOW effect!

Our company has a tradition of summarizing the results of our WOW service competition each quarter.

The words of our customers are a crucial factor! The most glowing and excellent comments and reviews, boiling with delight, help us single out the best managers of the season.

So, here are the results of the 2nd quarter. The jury consists of our clients: Nestle, Unilever, Canon, Henkel, and many others. We made a choice based on our customers’ comments; their opinions decide everything.

The following projects created a “wow” effect:

The regional meeting was marked by the words: “Our team thanks you and the MAXIMICE colleagues for prompt assistance in arranging the regional meeting. That was an excellent job! Thanks a lot!”

The Conference in Georgia: “We wish to heartily thank you for your perfect and colossal job! Special thanks go, of course, to Nadya. Without her, I would have gone mad the following day. All problems got instantly resolved on the spot. All requests were considered and the communications were maintained at all times. Top-class organization! Everybody was pleased, saying this was our best outdoor event.  Even the never-ending rain did not stop us!”

The cyclic conference in Moscow region: “We thank you all for the work done, especially Andrey for his excellent project management; Lena for her excellent logistics support, and Nadya and Yulya for their fine comprehensive aid.”

Training sessions for salesmen in Moscow: “This year, we had a very difficult time because the training involved exceptionally skilled experts, average performers with a solid background, and absolute beginners.  But you all coped successfully and earned, as per usual, the sellers’ loyalty.”

An incentive trip to Normandy: “I wish to thank you for the trip. I haven’t got a single point of criticism.”

The Moscow Conference: “I would like to express my sincere thanks to Olga for conducting this event. I have not met such an efficient, approachable, and simply likeable project manager for a long time. My warmest thanks go Oksana, who has been working with us for a long time. She promptly responds to all requests; it’s really very comfortable to have her on the worksite.”

Gala-dinner in Sochi: “Darling Lyusya! I personally THANK YOU for your help in organizing and optimizing the budget and for adding extra positivity to the entire event! It was a great pleasure to work with you!”

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