The Third Annual MAXIMICE Creative Session


The third annual MAXIMICE Creative Session this time took place in an outdoor format. And this, of course, is not by accident, but a trend voiced by the creative director of the company:

“The imposition of a concept on the chosen location contributes to the effective achievement of the company's goals by comparing the history and uniqueness of the region with the goals and objectives of the event,”

got out the key message of the meeting Inna Afonina. 

In this session, we talked about Conscious Evolution and Intelligent Development.  
“In meaningful events, everything, from the first to the last step, works on a common idea, and correlation of the chosen direction and creativity should not be an exception”,

explained the leading manager of the business development department, Alesia Plyusnina. Unfortunately, in the event there are frequent situations when the idea and location are beautifully presented “on paper”, and in fact the conference participants did not see the country due to an oversaturated business schedule (airport - hotel - business part - airport) or did not accept “creativity” of implemented event. MAXIMICE showed how it really should be on the example of recent cases for several clients.

But this would not be a real MAXIMICE Creative Session if the theory was not supported by practice - the event took place outdoor, in Pereslavl-Zalessky. A new hotel of the Azimut chain has recently started its work and, in the good traditions of MICE, we conducted a detailed site inspection: 5 conference rooms with a total area of 416 m2 and a capacity of 315 people, 353 rooms and 26 guest cottages, a transformer hall for 250 guests, an excellent SPA and comfortable distance from Moscow and Yaroslavl, the same for both - 120km. We got acquainted with the city itself, and with its most interesting sights. But in the format of a creative event, the participants took part in the Painty Party - a creative teambuilding with a glass of sparkling wine instead of a standard dinner.

Further, using the example of the chosen direction, we described how to use the existing location in the concept for an event correctly and effectively. First, we need to turn to the historical background, and find the key idea, and then weave it into the semantic outline of the project. So, translating into a business language, Pereslavl-Zalesky is known for the fact that the initiative of the great emperor shown in his youth became a platform for the further development of Russia as a Great Sea Power. How this will help the development of your product, find out by request at by the code word “Peter I” (a pleasant bonus to the project implementation has been taken into account).

Our spring business meeting could not take place without the announcement of new concepts for summer events. How do you like the format of the role-playing business game Urban Business Jungle? Visual layout of positions in the segment helps to gain their own significant role in achieving common goals. MAXIMICE also introduced the participants of the Creative Session to a unique overseas banquet venue that became known to us from our 27Names partners.

Being acquainted with the hotel and the direction, having gained new useful skills in planning events, the participants of the MAXIMICE Creative Business Session returned to the capital, inspired by new ideas and, hopefully, positively prepared for joint summer projects.

“Thank you very much for the trip - it was very useful, informative, interesting and fun!” Froneri.

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