Expert opinion of MAXIMICE on the preparation of “Last Minute Event”

At the end of January, ABT-ASTE workshop for personal assistants was held in Moscow, where MAXIMICE as an acknowledged leader of the MICE-industry shared its expert opinion on the preparation of “last minute events”.

The format of the shortened time for confirmation and preparation of the project is the key trend of the last seasons. It is stable and only intensifies. MAXIMICE has picked up on a trend and developed its workflow on projects in a short time.

Over the past few years, MAXIMICE regularly conducted business breakfasts for its regular customers, at which it told in detail about the internal working process on the “last-minute event”: the process has been worked out over many years of experience and brought to perfection, all services work together in a dense interaction with the customer, accumulating all the resources for quick booking, processing the necessary documents, searching for optimal solutions and alternative options, sometimes accomplishing the impossible actions. The key aspect in the preparation of the event in a short time is the interaction of the agency and the customer, both parties must consider the pros and cons, deciding on the preparation of the project in this mode. Only so it is possible to minimize risks and get the desired result.

The sales director of MAXIMICE Pavel Soldatkin told exactly about this experience at the ABT-ASTE workshop, explaining to the audience all the “stumbling blocks”, and also showing possible ways of optimization.

Such the topic of a day aroused keen interest among the audience, there were many questions about specific solutions offered by MAXIMICE in non-standard situations (for example, choosing the optimal direction for the last-minute event or the formation of a project team), they discussed time management trainings held by the Company and a number of other important details when preparing the “last minute event”.

Summing up the results of the meeting, Pavel Soldatkin thanked the organizers of the workshop and noted that the possibility of an open dialogue between MICE & Event representatives of business and customers not only helped to improve the approach to solving problems that arise in the preparation of the “last minute event”, but may in the future contribute to reducing the trend for the implementation of activities prepared in a short time.

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