Partners from Moscow region. Part 3

Areal Congress Hotel is one of the oldest of our partners. The dialog about current issues.

Our third respondent in conversations with sites-partners in the field - Treneva Evgenia, Director of Sales and Marketing, "Areal" congress hotel

- As you know, external economic and political influence refocused customers of corporate events from international destinations to the Russian market, and demand for regional sites has greatly increased. How do these changes affect you: do you feel the inflow due to the compensation of traveling abroad, or does the number of events in Moscow region decline in favor of increasing number of projects?

- We note the positive changes in 2016: the demand for corporate events is significantly increased in comparison with previous years both on large-scale, for 200 people and more and on small conferences for 10-15 guests. The clients who came in 2012-2014 have returned to us. For example, a major event for 255 people was conducted in January and in August, 259 people came for 6 days, during which the conferences, seminars, team buildings and, of course, the final banquet were held. It is important to note that in 2015 these companies organized their events in Turkey. Also, according to our information, many organizations have chosen the Russian coastline in summer that certainly has a positive impact on the performance of the domestic tourism industry in this year.

- What interesting things do you suggest to the corporate clients this year? What new loyalty programs and the terms of cooperation do you have? May be, it was a new option or other qualitative changes (renovations, the opening of new buildings, etc.), wasn’t it?

- As to corporate clients we offer the maximum flexibility and individual approach. Non-standard orders for catering or entertainment program are a common practice at the "Areal" Hotel. We always try to meet the requirements of our guests and can proudly point out that we have a very high rate of comeback of corporate clients. We have also implemented a special project on the optimization of business processes, which is intended to preparation of any corporate event up to 200 people in 24 working hours.

- How long have you partnered with MAXIMICE company? What kind of projects do you implement together more frequently (conference, team buildings, round tables, for small or large groups, etc.)?

- We have been working since 2012: co-organize the events, which include a conference and entertainment. Over the entire period of operation, we held 50 events - from 9 to 330 people.

- Please tell us about the most memorable joint project with MAXIMICE (perhaps it was the most difficult event in terms of technical organization, and the largest group, or unusual creative program content, etc.)?

- Together with MAXIMICE we held an event for Johnson & Johnson company. Large-scale preparation of the event included the complex logistics of the halls. But we succeeded. Also, at this stage we agree on the final details of the event for Philip Morris  company, which includes a conference, teambuilding and gala-dinner.

- What interesting ideas do you offer Corporate Clients for the current season (autumn / winter)? Maybe a special offer, a new menu or a master class - please tell us more in detail.

- Of course, our corporate guests will be suggested many nice offers. For example, we offer a special menu for New Year's banquets. We have also developed two additional rates for 2017 for corporate Clients: XL and XXL. Both rates include breakfast, lunch and dinner and alcohol drinks, swimming pool, sauna with swimming pool and gym. Rates differ in that the rate XXL includes alcohol from 08:00 to 23:00, and the rate XL includes alcohol for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In the near future we also plan to include all of the equipment in the rental cost of halls, that our Clients can receive a comprehensive set of services and do not think about other details. We prepare for activities as much as possible, anticipating the needs of our guests.

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