Hurry to do good

There is a tradition in MAXIMICE - to finish the outgoing year and start a new with good act. This time we decided not to limit ourselves with gifts, but also to give emotions. An interesting, good world of fairy tales.

The idea of ​​an interactive, tactile theater is not new, but always causes delight among all participants. Rejecting the usual chairs, scenes and curtains, turned the game room into a fabulous world. Children became direct participants of the trip. We had rain and snow, the wind was blowing, we were collecting cones in an improvised forest and wrapped in blankets in a rabbit hut, played musical instruments, we rejoiced at the moon and admired the starry sky. We experienced all the adventures together with the heroes of our fairy tale.

Then the children painted gingerbread and immediately ate their culinary creations with a warm compote of wild berries.

When you become an adult, you understand that giving presents is as pleasant as receiving them (if not more). At the end of December, looking at our happy children, we were once again convinced of this. The holiday was a success!

* Within the framework of CSR, MAXIMICE has for many years supported one Moscow special correctional boarding school.


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