Part 2. Welna Eco Spa Resort

Our next respondent - Anna Smirnova, Sales Manager of Welna Eco Spa Resort told about the special approach to corporate clients, based on a study of their needs in a variety of options of the site, as well as on the understanding of business targets of the Client that have to be solved by means of outdoor activities.

- As you know, external economic and political influence refocused customers of corporate events from international destinations to the Russian market, and demand for regional sites has greatly increased. How do these changes affect you: do you feel the inflow due to the compensation of traveling abroad, or does the number of events in Moscow region decline in favor of increasing number of projects?

- This year, the inflow of orders for corporate events has been grown significantly. However, the main reason for this was the recognizability of hotel and good recommendations. They provided customers with the opportunity to take a fresh look at the Russian market, showing that corporate event "in the native area" - was not the worst alternative due to global influences, but the general market trends.

You can see more new sites all over the Russia, with unique advantages and we are pleased to be among the first of them. During this season, with the orders for the events from large companies, we could find out that they were pleasantly surprised by the presence of hotels with modern infrastructure. All cottages and houses were built anew on the territory of Welna.

- What interesting things do you suggest to the corporate clients this year? What new loyalty programs and the terms of cooperation do you have? May be, it was a new option or other qualitative changes (renovations, the opening of new buildings, etc.), wasn’t it?

- In 2016 we were able to satisfy the needs of our corporate customers, offering them not just a package of service, but also the right solutions for their projects on the territory of Welna Eco Spa Resort. If the company wish to hold the event in a country hotel, there are many circumstances that form an integral part of the event implementation program , not just as a corporate party or conference, but as the business objectives, aimed to develop these or other business areas within the company or in its relations with partners and clients. And then the customer has a lot of difficulties (old rooms, lack of territory for teambuilding, restrictions on the services of contractors on site, etc.). So we spent a lot of time in 2014-2015 years on the development of the corporate sector, accumulating offers and "complaints" of the companies trying to bring to life the popular and long-term options: the opening of a new building to accommodate groups, the new restaurant complex with conference capabilities, football field, tennis court, three outdoor areas, including a playground “Forest" liked by our guests, where guests watched open-air cinema in summer season, "bio-vegetary", zoo and apiary. We improved Hotel rooms, updated and expanded the menu of the restaurant and spa services, conducted internal service upgrades for more trust and professional communication with the guests and made other improvements.

Also, we developed the team building options for events on site, it is now in demand, and we focused primarily on leading companies and agencies: considered the possibility of canoeing, we made (last year) bicycle routes, made the area of 36 hectares of the hotel useful to perform a variety of exciting quests, with a full immersion in the natural environment, laser tag, Scandinavian walking, spa-weekend programs for groups, creative workshops and a set of other services.

We are happy to share the news: 2 new buildings in eco-style are ready for the opening, as well as workshops, multi-purpose sports complex with a spacious veranda, whose architecture will be a noticeable decoration of the hotel and the surrounding area, and in the region as a whole! Therefore, many corporate clients, due to the number of employees, whom we couldn’t accommodate this year, can safely regarded our hotel as a site for the next year, the number of rooms will allow to accommodate about 200 people with conference seating.

Also, we have several eco-projects in progress, I will tell you later about such project.

We launched a loyalty-related corporate program and «Friendly Club» program, we always happy to consider the possibility of expanding cooperation, developing the individual ways of interaction, taking into account the features and capabilities of both parties. At the same time we always fairly and honestly assume our obligations to the Clients.

- How long have you partnered with MAXIMICE company? What kind of projects do you implement together more frequently (conference, team buildings, round tables, for small or large groups, etc.)?

- We have collaborated with MAXIMICE company from May 2015 and certainly we plan to increase this cooperation.

Currently, the most common form of joint work is the conferences for medium-sized groups (50-100 people).

Please tell us about the most memorable joint project with MAXIMICE (perhaps it was the most difficult event in terms of technical organization, and the largest group, or unusual creative program content, etc.)?

- Last realized project was with Johnson & Johnson company, we paid due attention to the group, taking into account all the necessary options for the preparation of the conference and accommodation. We hope that we will work with MAXIMICE more closely and implement both the arrival of a conference group with business program, and more creative and entertaining trips.

- What interesting ideas do you offer Corporate Clients for the current season (autumn / winter)? Maybe a special offer, a new menu or a master class - please tell us more in detail.

- In the current period, we have an autumn offer for corporate customers, pursuant to which the companies can profitably hold a conference or entertainment event, depending on the size of the group or demands for program filling.

We also offer our guests a new banquet menu, a new menu «A la carte»; an interesting program for teambuilding was developed both by hotel independently or jointly with contractors.

New sites in a modern style specific to Welna and already recognizable architecture allowed our customers to stay with the maximum comfort, to present employees a new format of the outdoor activities, without feeling themselves as guests of the hotel with the "Soviet past". You can see the full changeover from city to nature. How do you think, is it awesome to conduct training in the open air, while having all the necessary technical equipment? We are sure that you will agree.

In connection with the approaching cold weather we are ready to transfer activities in premises: opening of workshops for creative and business master-classes and training sessions, yoga room with panoramic windows, sports entertainments for the fall-winter season.

We prepare for an extensive program of outdoor activities by winter: ice rink, ski trails, tubing-traces, Fet-bikes (bicycle) for riding in the winter season, a bar with warming drinks and a winter garden. We work to ensure that guests feel how we appreciate their choice of Welna Eco Spa Resort for their outdoor events or just a private holiday.


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