Our team

During 12 years the MAXIMICE management has been hiring to the Company new people: talented employees willing to carry out experiments, continuously develop and put the most unusual ideas of the customer into life. We were not afraid of working with young specialists, allowed them to make important decisions, and formed our team carefully and for a long time.

Now we have in our staff 98 experienced managers capable to implement the greatest business events all over the world.

Principles of work of MaxiMICE staff members

For the years of joint work we have managed to find our own scheme of business event management which allows achieving exclusively ideal results.

Experience and detailed knowledge of their occupation

All staff members of the Company have a perfect command of MICE and business event instruments. We work based on the system of “live communications” and build exclusively trust-based relations with our clients.

Support and mutual respect

Work in any Company unit represents a complicated and comprehensive process in the course of which we manage not only to fulfil all assigned tasks, but also determine development opportunities, work out unique strategies of the institution. Cohesion of the team is achieved owing to healthy competition among the staff members. Here all people strive to help each other. Respect is the main team building factor.

Unlimited opportunities in personal professional advancement

Arranging business trainings and workshops for our clients we at the same time keep in mind our team. A great number of off-site events:

  • • Team building
  • • Inspection trips
  • • Master classes and trainings

All these events give any team member an additional opportunity to fill as an equal.

We value each our staff member
and understand that development of our business is in development of our team!

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