Business event management requires special approach and experience. You need here not only creativeness and original viewing. Responsibility and knowledge of the market play a key role. Since 2006 MAXIMICE is involved in business event management directed both to the internal target audience (staff members) and to the external one (partners, distributors, journalists, etc.).


Solution of complex tasks

We are able to solve the most complicated tasks, including those connected with improvement of the business economic efficiency. MAXIMICE renders services on planning, development, and implementation of business events including business travels and congress activities.

Client confidence

We consider important in our work first of all not the status of the client company, but confidence of its staff members. They are not afraid to delegate obligations owing to MAXIMICE’s striving to ensure maximally comfortable terms and conditions for cooperation based on mutual understanding and respect.

WOW effect

When fulfilling any our order we seek to reach the WOW effect. We consider important not only to comply with the deadlines and meet the client’s requirements. MAXIMICE believes that its mission is to achieve the results exceeding the clients’ expectations in many respects.

Creation of a unique product

Our aim is to create a unique product which would be ideal for the ever-changing and developing field of business events. Our main advantage is our resources (talented staff members and reliable suppliers) as well as efficient instruments for promotion.

We expand and look on a permanent basis for new areas for our business development. As early as in 2011 MAXIMICE acquired a subsidiary company specializing in individual tourism – MAXIVOYAGE PLUS. In the same year the creative department of the Company obtained an independent status.

We develop in MAXIMICE a unique structure of business process, permanently experiment in our own Event & Creative Department, and build a system for planning of events having no parallel among our competitors.


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